In-Cricket Betting Rules: How to Bet on Live Sports Online of Jeetwin Log In


For In- Jeetwin Log In, the following rules apply:

Please keep in mind that overtime is not part of market unless it says otherwise.

Offering: The Sportsbook decides which In-Cricket betting lines to show. Jeetwin Log In does not promise or guarantee a line at any time during the game. Only online bets can be made on these games. Jeetwin Log In has the right to throw out bets that were placed over the phone with our bookmaking line. Action for "In-Cricket" bets is shown on certain sports during games that are shown nationally on TV.

Scoreboard: We do what we need to do to make sure that live information is shown correctly. The only thing you should do with this information is learn about it. We are not responsible if the information on the screen is wrong.

Bet Delays: All bets on Jeetwin Log In Cricket betting events are delayed so that we can keep a close eye on the odds and avoid past-post bets caused by transmission delays. Customers may have to wait up to 15 seconds, on top of any network delays, depending on where they are and what sporting event is going on.

Past-post: Open and settled bets will be thrown out if they were made after the result of a game or match has been accepted or after the chosen cricketer or team has gained a significant advantage (like a score, etc.).

Line Errors: If a clear mistake has been found on a line posting, all bets with that error should be thrown out. If a match doesn't go as we thought it would, the Sportsbook can decide to throw out the bets.

Grading: If the official result of a certain sporting event can't be confirmed, has the right to hold off on paying out any pending bets until the official result is confirmed. We also reserve the right to change any settlements that were done wrong at any time. If a game or match hasn't ended or hasn't been cricketed normally, all unresolved bets are thought to be void.

Automatically accept any change in odds: Depending on the sport, odds can change a lot at any time. If the "Accept any odds change" box is checked during confirmation, bets will be accepted at the current odds without any warning or way to cancel the bet. All customers need to be aware that live betting bets can't be cancelled, and it's up to the cricketer to turn on and off this feature as they see fit.

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