How To Make A Straight Point Spread Bet On Jetexchange9 Com

Jetexchange9 Com Straight bets with a point spread are also pretty common, especially among bettors with some experience. Point spreads are meant to give the underdog a little bit of an edge or an imaginary head start before the game even starts. Jetexchange9 Com Odds makers set the lines based on how likely it is that a team will win and how many points they will win by.

Jetexchange9 Com spread tells you by how many points’ odds makers think each team will win or lose, depending on whether you're betting on the favorite or the underdog. Like the money line straight bet, you'll see both positive and negative numbers, along with the number of points each team is expected to win by.

The Favored Must Beat The Spread.

The team with the positive number is once again the underdog, and they must win or lose by less than the spread. The team with the negative number is the favorite, and they must win by more than the spread.

Let's use the NBA as an example. If the LA Clippers are a big favorite against the Orlando Magic, the point spread might look like this:

This means that the Clippers have to win by more than 12 points, which is a lot. For your underdog point spread bet to win on a straight bet, the Magic would have to lose by less than 11 points or win the game. If you bet on the Clippers, you'll need to bet $110 to win $100, and if you bet on the Magic, you'll win $110 on a $100 bet.

How to make a Straight Totals Bet

Straight bets on totals are easy and fairly common, especially if the game is coming up and you don't have a strong preference for one team or the other. Totals straight bets let you bet on how many points both teams will score as a whole.

The odds makers set the line based on how many goals each team usually scores in a game. They also take into account how good both the offense and defense are, so the totals are usually close.

We'll show you how to make a straight bet on totals with the NHL. Because NHL games don't have as many goals as other sports, the over/under is an easy and popular way to bet. The lines can be set anywhere between 4 and 10, depending on how many goals the odds makers think will be scored.

Let's say that the total number of goals in a game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Montreal Canadians is set at 6. That means you have to choose whether both teams will score more or less than six points. This could end up being a wide range of numbers. If you bet on "over," Edmonton could win 5-2 or 6-4, and it wouldn't matter how much you go over that number, as long as more than six goals are scored.

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